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Fall Skincare in Albuquerque

Fall has made its way to Albuquerque, and finally the temperatures reflect it! Now is the time to really amp up your skin care regimen. Why you ask? Well our southwestern sun, which gives off the most amazing sunsets, is not nearly as harsh as we go into fall and winter. This makes for the premium time to enter into a series of resurfacing treatments (chemical peels) stimulating collagen, elasticity, & cell renewal. A series of 6 treatments is ideal for optimal results, & reversal of damage from free radicals.

These treatments are like my facials completely customizable, for both women & men, to fit your needs and wants. Safely working you to higher treatment levels, more aggressive resurfacing, and enhancements. Most of our chemical peels are aloe based, synergistically designed that there is no down time, and minimal peeling.

As with any facial treatment you would still avoid sun exposure, especially the 7 days after your treatment, follow the at home regimen that is included with your treatment for post care, and wear spf religiously. The day of your treatment you’d want to avoid sweating, steam, and exercise. Being careful not to re-stimulate the active ingredients in your peel.

Don’t hesitate if your looking in the mirror, and see fine lines that weren’t there before, acne that hormonal changes have escalated, or your missing that fresh glow. You don’t have to settle, changes are visible after even just one treatment!

Call (505)292-5905 today and schedule your complimentary skin consultation with our Licensed Esthetician Sandra!

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Winter 2017 Skincare: Hydration

During the winter months the cold temperatures & harsh winds outdoors mixed with the drying heat indoors can really reek havoc on your skin. It’s in these months where you really have to make sure you are not only exfoliating regularly, but also maintaining your skins hydration. Due to the conditions your skincells can become dry & dehydrated, and die off quicker.

Treat your skin

Here is where it is really important to consult with your Licensed Esthetician. They will be the best ones to determine your skin type, condition, & assess your needs. Most importantly are regular treatments, here is where your Esthetician can evaluate, treat your skin, and prescribe the necessary home care regimen.

Maintain your skins health

After removing dead skin cells & debris newer skin cells are allowed to come in healthier.  To maintain your healthy glow you’ll want to use the proper serums & moisturizers designated for you by your Esthetician based on an in depth skin analysis. Your serums will offer your skin a concentrated amount of nutrition & hydration, and your moisturizer will offer protection against the elements, as well as, nourishment & hydration. Paired together your doubling up your defenses against the harsh winter weather.

Quick tip keep a humidifier running in your room, this will help minimize the drying effect from your indoor heaters. I know there is nothing better than a hot shower on a cold winter day, but those showers can be doing more harm than good and cause water to evaporate more quickly off the skin, so you’ll want to lessen your time in them. And of course you’ll always want to make sure your drinking enough water throughout your day, our skincells are made up of mainly water in order for them to perform at their highest level we have to keep them hydrated.

For more tips, tricks, and special offers be sure to follow Our Licensed Esthetician Sandra on Instagram @esthetics_by_sandra

To schedule your complimentary skin analysis call 292-5905 today!


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Albuquerque Esthetician

Skincare in Albuquerque has become so important due to our high elevation, and the damage that comes with being as close as we are to the sun.  If not taken care of our skin is dry, sun damaged, prematurely aged, and so much more.  With the addition of our Esthetician, we are so happy to be the destination for clients looking for healthier, more youthful skin!

If your a current client then you already know our Esthetician. Sandra joined NeilMarie Salon to manage and assist in running the business side, and was introduced to the world of skincare and all it’s endless possibilities. Never before was she aware of esthetics, and the more Sandra was exposed to it the more her passion grew. Deciding to go back to school and get her Estheticians license was the most fulfilling career decision, she not only fueled her love for skin, her knowledge for skincare products and services, but also added a joy of waxing and body hair removal!
Sandra wants to be your esthetician of choice and take on acne issues, sun damage, premature aging, fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, & skin sensitivities such as Rosacea. Also if you have unwanted hair, she is skilled in waxing everything from Brazilians, Backs, & the detailed Shaping of eyebrows to frame your eyes and complement your face shape. She takes pride in her work, her attention to detail is much appreciated by her clientele. Sandra enjoys helping both women & men, no matter their age, feel amazing, comfortable, & confident in their skin.
If your looking to book an appointment, or just want to have a chat about your skin, you can call (505)292-5905. Skin consultations are always free, and easy to schedule.  For even more information you can follow her work on Instagram @esthetics_by_sandra

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Fall 2016 Skincare: Exfoliation

Treat Your Skin

Summer has ended, & Fall is the best time to treat your skin and repair the damage from the hot sun, dry weather, and all the fun outdoor activities that come with summertime!

Out with the Old & In with the New

Now is the time to come in and talk with our Licensed Skin Technician, she can get you set up with the best skincare regimen for your skin’s needs.  Almost always your skin will need exfoliation after the summer elements & activities. There are several ways to do this, but the most effective method would be to get a series of 6 chemical peels. Our chemical peels are customizable to your personal needs, you can find more specific information from one of our previous blogs; New Year New You New Skin

Maintaining your Skin Health

After you treat your skin, it is really important that you use the right products at home to ensure your skin heals properly, and to maintain its health. Our in salon services make the most difference in the health and condition of your skin, but must be followed up with the correct home care cosmeceutical products, not over the counter products which do nothing below the surface. Because your skins health is so important to us at Neilmarie Salon we carry Image Skincare, because we’ve seen the results and it delivers!

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Beach Tips

In the summertime many people flock to the beach for their summer vacation. If you plan on hitting the beach this summer here are a few tips before you go:
  1. Go to the beach early. It is usually less crowded and the sun is not as intense as it will be later in the day.
  2. Always bring sunscreen. Sunscreen is essential. Know the difference in the types of sunscreen that is available. Experts recommend nothing less than SPF 30. Apply 15 minutes before going outdoors and every two hours thereafter. If going in the water, reapply each time you get out of the water. (Remember the sun’s rays are hottest between 10 am. and 2 pm.)
  3. Sunglasses Your eyes are sensitive to the sun as well. Do not forget to bring sunglasses. Be sure to bring sunglasses with UVA/UVB protection.
  4. Electronics. Protect your cell phone and other electronics from sand and water by placing it in a Ziploc bag. You can still use it in the Ziploc bag.
  5. Hide your valuables. Use a chap stick container or a diaper to hide your money.
  6. Water. Stay hydrated while at the beach. Bring and drink a lot of water.
  7. Shaving with baby oil before heading to the beach. It will help keep your skin smooth.
  8. Bring apple cider vinegar. Spray it on a sunburn for instant relief.
  9. Bring baby powder. When you are done with the beach, sprinkle baby powder on your skin and the sand will wipe off.
  10. Put aloe vera gel in ice cube trays and place in your freezer. When you get home put it on your warm body and it will help sooth your skin.

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How to Prevent Split Ends

Preventing Split Ends

Summertime is a battle against damaging your hair. Split ends are the result of fraying the hair shaft due to excessive heat, dryness, stress and excessive use of chemicals. Split ends can make your hair look dull, damaged and even frizzy. To win the battle against damaged hair, you need to know how to help prevent split ends.

  • The best way to prevent split ends is to learn healthy daily habits to ensure the best care for our hair. By using proper hair care, you can also strengthen your hair and improve elasticity and shine.
  • Brushing your hair correctly is very important. Avoid using a harsh brush on your hair instead opt for a cushioned paddle bush with flexible bristles. Make sure to only use a brush on your hair when its dry.
  • Don’t wash your hair every day. Washing every other day allows the natural oils to help protect your hair. Apply shampoo to the crown of your head and lather downward keeping your hair straight.
  • Condition your ends. Apply conditioner directly to the ends of your hair and leave it on for a few minutes. For additional conditioning, use a leave-in conditioner afterwards.
  • Do not bunch your hair in a towel. Wrap a towel around your hair and squeeze different areas to pull out the excess water.
  • Brushing wet hair will make it more susceptible to tearing. Only use a wide tooth comb on wet hair. This will help manage your hair without causing breakage to the ends.
  • Anything that uses heat to style your hair can damage it. Try to style with as few of products and let it air dry. If you must use a hair dryer avoid placing direct heat on the ends of your hair until absolutely necessary.
  • Get regular haircuts. When getting your hair trimmed, cut about an inch to an inch and a half above the split end. Split ends will continue to grow if you don’t take care of the damaged hair.
  • Use high quality hair care products. Consult your stylist for recommendations.
Always, always, always be gentle with your hair. Treat is like its a delicate fabric.

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Quick Tips to Change your Look Instantly

We all get bored, with our routine, with our food, with our appearance. Change is good, it’s refreshing, it’s motivating. Here are a few Quick tips to help you Change your Look Instantly…

Extreme partings is the hair trend of the season, so if you’re not pulling that look off now, try it. Parting your hair this way will give your look an edge you might not of had before. Try changing up your normal part line. This simple change can give your hair an extra lift out of the norm.

Change it up with your makeup. Fill in those brows, just a few strokes with a brow pencil will instantly frame your eyes and make them stand out in a way they never have before. It’s all about full brows this season.

Intensify your hairs natural texture with Enjoy Curl Enhancing Spray or Aquage Sea Salt Spray. Bohemian waves will continue to trend through the winter. If you are “blessed” with straight hair like myself than use a hot tool to add a subtle bend to the middle of your hair.  When using a hot tool always be sure you apply a thermal protectant to your hair.

Add a pop of color to your lips, this will give your features a finished look and added appeal. The colder months bring with it the cool, deep tones that we tend to avoid during the warmer months. However, this season adds a color that is normally highlighted in the summer. Hot Pink will be present in all its vibrant brilliance!

Want something more drastic, call our salon & schedule your complimentary consultation. Nothing shakes up your look better than a new cut or color, by some of Albuquerque’s master stylists & hair artists!

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Hair Inspiration Where do you find yours?

Find Your Inspiration & Let Us Turn it into a Reality


If you’re inspired by the changing seasons, then spring and summer probably make you think of lightning your look with highlights, and maybe fall and winter turn you towards Auburn Reds and Chocolate Brown hues.  Now once you have an idea in your head you Google or Pinterest these looks.  Very rare are the days when you walk into a salon and ask to look at their magazines, when the source is so handy and accessible.

Maybe you’re not even inspired to change your look because of the changing season, it’s possible that something momentous and life-changing is occurring, and you need a new a new do to go with your new attitude.  A new do which can involve changing texture, color, cutting hair, adding hair, even changing your bangs can have the effect you’re looking for.  Again most times you will Google or Pinterest these looks.

With today’s Social Media, easy access of the Internet, Smart phones, Tablets, & Free Wi-Fi everywhere you go, everyone can find inspiration at their fingertips.  We are not just inspired by what is around us, but what is happening around the globe.  From the Fashion Runways to the Changing Seasons, we are inspired to change our Style, Cut, and Color!

Bring your inspiration to us and let us turn it into a reality!  Check out some of the looks clients brought us and the results we gave them. To see some of our inspirational pins please click here.

Albuquerque Hair SalonAlbuquerque Hair Salon


Neilmarie Salon can help you in your Journey to Makeover your Look; we’ll give you Fifth Avenue Styling at Main Street Pricing!    

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How to find the right salon

What are the keys to finding a top hair salon?

Today you can find a salon on just about every street and in every strip mall out there. So with so many salons to choose from how do make sure you are choosing the right one (especially after moving to a new area)? In most cases finding a good hair salon or hair stylist can sometimes prove to be tougher than finding a new dentist or doctor. Here are some qualities to look for when searching for that new salon.

  • Customer Service- When you walk in the door is there someone at the reception desk or up front to welcome or greet you in a warm and friendly demeanor? Are they knowledgeable in providing you information about their salon menu, staff and professional hair care products that they carry? Were you offered a tour of the facility and a complimentary consultation with a professional hair stylist or colorist? If the answers to all or most of these questions is yes then chances are you are in a reputable salon and this is a great start to finding the right salon.
  • Cleanliness- Overall does the salon feel clean? Yes its a salon the floors will have some hair on it and this is ok but what you need to look out for is clumps of hair in the corners or all over the hair stylists station and chair. These areas should always look clean and tidy. If they are not you should probably choose a different salon.
  • Pricing- Nobody wants to overpay for a service. Call around to a few salon in your surrounding area and ask them for some basic prices on some services you are looking for. Be aware high prices don’t necessarily mean high quality. Many salons inflate their rates to create the look of prestige. While a great deal is always tempting stay clear of salons that have prices too low to pass up on. Chances are they a compensating for their lack of either skill or quality of services.

Choose salons with prices that are reasonable and something that falls within your budget, be sure to account for your hair stylists 10-15% tip ( and in case you were wondering  it is common to tip your stylist if you’re happy with your hair cut or hair color.)

  • Salon services offered- Does the salon offer hair extensions, straightening  and scalp treatments or any other high end professional salon services? If yes, then chances are they are well educated and up to date with the latest trends, tools and technologies in the industry. If the salon also offers manicures, pedicures and skin care services then this is a plus. Just make sure that it is clear that hair care services are their main focus.

Be sure to follow these simple steps when looking for your next salon and you will be sure to find the right one.

Rio Rancho Hair Salon

Photo courtesy of Neilmarie Salon a Rio Rancho NM hair salon. (505) 702.8144


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How to wear Long Hair during Spring

Long Hair Girls…SPRING IS HERE!!!

Spring means fresh and sunny, here at Neilmarie Salon we want our guests to feel the freshness that spring brings. When you have long hair that you want to maintain through spring and summer, you can constantly find yourself considering a short haircut, or simply just a way to get the long hair off you neck and back.

You still have plenty of options. If you feel like you have worn your style curled or straight and have become bored with it, or tried a pony tail, and still nothing really has satisfied your look, do not give up you still have plenty of options.

Messy buns and messy braids are in style for spring 2014!!! You can create a messy bun that sits high, mid, or low on your head. When creating your messy bun or braid, you will have hairs that will be falling out or not in place. The falling out hairs is perfect for your style. Letting your bun look messy, lets your style look better. Any style that is sprayed down or very in place is NOT the trend for spring 2014.

Once you have created your messy bun, you can pull hair out from the hair line. That is a good way to create a messy front style in the face area. At that time you can use a curling iron to create a soft wave style. Not many tools are needed to create this style. Hair pins, hair tie, and a light hairspray.

Keep in mind, if you have long hair you still have options. Come into Neilmarie Salon and get spring ready. We can help you create a messy bun for an everyday look, or a special event. You don’t have to remove length to create a short summer look.