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How to wear Long Hair during Spring

Long Hair Girls…SPRING IS HERE!!!

Spring means fresh and sunny, here at Neilmarie Salon we want our guests to feel the freshness that spring brings. When you have long hair that you want to maintain through spring and summer, you can constantly find yourself considering a short haircut, or simply just a way to get the long hair off you neck and back.

You still have plenty of options. If you feel like you have worn your style curled or straight and have become bored with it, or tried a pony tail, and still nothing really has satisfied your look, do not give up you still have plenty of options.

Messy buns and messy braids are in style for spring 2014!!! You can create a messy bun that sits high, mid, or low on your head. When creating your messy bun or braid, you will have hairs that will be falling out or not in place. The falling out hairs is perfect for your style. Letting your bun look messy, lets your style look better. Any style that is sprayed down or very in place is NOT the trend for spring 2014.

Once you have created your messy bun, you can pull hair out from the hair line. That is a good way to create a messy front style in the face area. At that time you can use a curling iron to create a soft wave style. Not many tools are needed to create this style. Hair pins, hair tie, and a light hairspray.

Keep in mind, if you have long hair you still have options. Come into Neilmarie Salon and get spring ready. We can help you create a messy bun for an everyday look, or a special event. You don’t have to remove length to create a short summer look.


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Summer Ready Skin

Get Your Skin Summer Ready!

If you’re anything like me then you’re getting anxious for the summer months. You’re seeing the Sun come out, the Blue skies, and the weather is finally warming up. And that puts a smile on your face, but at the same time you know you have to get your skin prepped for the upcoming sleeveless tops and shorts.


Here are a few helpful tips and remedies for the most common of skin ailments:


Dull, Scaly Skin

You’ll get this because you neglected to moisturize & exfoliate during the harsh cold, & dry winter

Use a Sugar Scrub at least 3 times a week to exfoliate your skin, then moisturize with a lotion or cream to fully hydrate your dry skin


Rough, Cracked Feet & Heels

We get this by enclosing our feet in socks and boots all winter long, as well as, skipping on our regular pedicures. Basically out of sight out of mind…Guilty

Treat your feet at night to a soak in Epsom Salt for 10mins, follow with rubbing them with a scrub, and finish by lathering on a thick hydrating cream & covering with socks while you sleep


Chest & Back Breakouts

This will happen when we are bundled up in layers of clothes, which will trap dead skin & bacteria causing blockage which results in pimples

Use a Body Wash with salicylic acid or benzyl peroxide; this will break away at the blockage to the pores allowing the skin to clear up


Rough Red Bumps on Arms or Thighs

It’s a Genetic Condition where dead cells & protein build up around the hair follicle which clogs pores

Use Body Wash or Lotion that contains glycolic or lactic acid to help exfoliate those areas


Body Hair

There are many options for hair removal; my recommendation would be to get professionally waxed in the areas that you would like to see the hair gone. Waxing removes hair from the root which allows for more hair free weeks, & it also decreases hair growth over time.


Enlist these few helpful tips, and the beautiful weather won’t be the only thing putting a smile on your face!

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Salon Services for Men

Just for Men

The norm for men is to seek out the local Barber and go in for a quick clean up some “Man” talk and be on your way.  However, Salon’s offer that little extra connection, a woman’s touch if you will.

All jokes aside, there is a lot more to offer in Men’s services then just a Hair cut.  But even our hair cuts provide an extra touch.  We sit you down for a consultation; really find out what you’re looking for in a cut, not just a “template” of a cut, but one that will solicit your own personal style!  Once the consultation is accomplished our Artistic Stylist will depending on the cut either Shampoo you or begin the cut.  After the main cut, if there is a neckline to be trimmed our stylist will escort her client to the shampoo bowl where he will receive a Shampoo and a clean razor to the neckline.  Not only do you receive a clean, fresh look, but an amazing Scalp Massage!

More Hair Services, would include Color, no one says it is only for the Women Clientele.  Men are allowed to want to change the color of their hair.  Most times Men just want a subtle change, whether to add lighter colors where the Shoe Shine method would be used, or to camouflage grey with our Grey Blending technique. 

If Thinning Hair is an issue and you have 30 minutes available in your day then we have a service for you!  Schedule a Scalp Treatment that can only be done by a licensed Cosmetologist.  Our Scalp Treatment is an advanced scalp care dermabrasion from Nioxin that regenerates and revitalizes scalp skin with proven results.

While you’re getting your hair and scalp healthy and trimmed, you don’t want to forget about your face.  With frequent shaving the skin on your face where you shave will often be exfoliated, and smooth.  Because of this Men actually need Facials more than Women, with only some parts exfoliated; the only way to even skin is with a professional Skin Cleanse.

At Neilmarie Salon we understand that for our Male Clientele time is in high demand, and even if you do have the time you don’t want to spend it at the Salon!  So to meet your needs and make sure you are taken care of we have created a Men’s Only Service Menu to fit your direct needs, they are quick, efficient, and results driven services.  We have even put together packages which allow you to get more services for your money!

Call Neilmarie Salon Today and speak with one of our professional stylists to find out more!  With 2 convenient locations to service you!

Rio Rancho 505-702-8144

Albuquerque 505-292-5905

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2014 Hair & Beauty Trends

With the end of 2013, so is the end of 2013 trends.  The Ombre` will be replaced with Glamorous Roots, Overly Straightened Hair with Natural Tousled Waves, and Stiletto Nails will be no more, making way for Almond Shaped Nails.  What other trends will 2014 bring, well if Runway shows are to tell the future then old trends are either out all together or being totally revamped.

Rio Rancho Hair Salon Tousled Waves

Tousled Waves

Messy Braids Hair Style at our Rio Rancho Hair Salon

Messy Braids

Messy Bun hair style done at our Rio Rancho Hair Salon

Braided Messy Bun

Messy is in!  Messy Braids, Messy Textured Waves, the slept in look is on trend this coming year. Updos will have a more Whimsical Romantic Look, the more effortless they look the better. Hair Accessories, from stretchy sporty headbands to leather wraps and clips. Big 70’s curls are making a comeback, only this time you won’t part down the middle, an extreme side part will give this throw back look a more modern spinEdgy Bobs with Pastel or Bold Hair Colors, keep in mind what goes best with your skin tone, it is definitely best to consult a professional with this question and also to achieve the desired results.  If you try achieving these hair colors at home you could really cause unwanted damage to your hair which could be avoided if you let the professionals do what they do best.

Let Neilmarie Salon and Our Talented Artists help you achieve the New You!  We always offer FREE Consultations, Book yours today!

Rio Rancho, NM 505-702-8144

Albuquerque, NM 505-292-5905

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New Year New You New Skin

What better way to start fresh this New Year than by getting an Image Chemical Peel series started, specifically designed for your skin needs.  Our skin care specialist performs varying Chemical Peels to mention a few: The Wrinkle Lift, The Ormedic Lift, The Signature Face Lift, The Acne Lift Peel, and The Lightening Lift Peel.  Our Chemical Peels feature natural ingredients Aloe Vera, Papaya, Green Tea, and Vitamin C, effectively treating wrinkles, blemishes, and uneven skin pigmentation.

  • The Wrinkle Lift, combines an      ultra-resurfacing combination of Glycolic & Retinol that reduces fine      lines, and leaves skin firm and revitalized.
  • The Ormedic Lift, non-chemical      peel that naturally rebalances, regenerates, and restores your skin using      organic ingredients with medical effectiveness.
  • The Signature Face Lift,      results-driven treatment will change your skin in just one session,      utilizing gentle yet effective enzymes that speed up cellular turnover,      lightening, tightening, and brightening all skin types.  This treatment is especially good for      those battling Rosacea, and skin sensitivities.
  • The Acne Lift Peel, potent      blend of Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids combined with anti-inflammatory      agents to treat and heal acne.
  • The Lightening Lift Peel, extremely      effective treatment combines Lactic and Kojic Acids with lightening agents      to combat pigmentation and redness caused by Rosacea.

How often should you get a Peel?

The great thing about the Image skincare line is that you will see immediate improvement with just one session.  However, if you are battling pigment disorders or signs of aging then multiple sessions may be required for best results.  Our skin care specialist will prescribe the best course of action for your specific skin and your desired results.

Which Peel would be best for you?

Each individual has there own specific skin type and needs, at Neilmarie Salon.Spa.Gallery our Skin Care Specialist offers a FREE consultation to best diagnose each client, and will recommend a skincare regimen suited for each individual client.

Also to help you meet your skin goals Neilmarie offers special packages:

  • Purchase & Prebook 5      Chemical Peels and Receive your 6th Chemical Peel FREE =      $500  + tax
  • Purchase & Prebook Facial,      Microderm, and Chemical Peel = $200 + tax

Consultations are always FREE at Neilmarie Salon.Spa.Gallery.  Call us today to book yours 505-292-5905


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Enjoy Luxury Shampoo & Conditioner

At Neilmarie Salon we carry Enjoy Hair Care Products. Right now our most popular product with clients and stylists alike is the luxury shampoo and conditioner. It’s a wonderful sulphate free line that is nourishing enough to leave the driest, dullest colored or chemically treated hair feeling conditioned shiny and manageable. But it’s also safe for all ages, as well as healthy hair. Being Sulfate free it won’t weigh hair down or build up.

This is a product the we religiously use on a daily basis, and with our Quarterly product sales you can stock up and use it too! Were sure that once you try it you’ll love it and be just as hooked as we are!

Come in today and let our hair stylists show you why we love it so much.

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Lash Extensions

At Neilmarie Salon we use 3D Lash Extensions to add volume, length and natural beauty to your eye lashes. Eyelash Extension services are booming right now and with so many salons and spa’s offering this service how do you know you are going to the right place? Well rest assured that we have done our research! 3D Lashes are safe, natural looking and top of the line in this hot trend. So why should I get Eyelash Extensions? Lash Extensions provide a dramatic yet natural change to your look without having to apply mascara or eyeliner daily. It’s a relaxing process that enhances your look immediately! Your lashes will last with your own lashes natural cycle and require very little upkeep. With regular fills and gentle cleansing your lash extensions should last 3-4 weeks between fills.

Here at Neilmarie Salon we give you the control. After the initial cost for a set of lash extensions you can choose to add more lashes at just $2 per lash. This gives you the power to go as dramatic as you want or your budget allows. A fill is just $2 per lash allowing you to control how often you come in for upkeep, thus keeping your cost down and control factor up! We are running an amazing special on a new set of beautiful, natural lashes for a limited time. Call Neilmarie Salon today to schedule your app today!

Lash Extensions are currently offered at our Albuquerque Hair Salon located on Wyoming and Menaul 505-292-5905

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