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Fall Skincare in Albuquerque

Fall has made its way to Albuquerque, and finally the temperatures reflect it! Now is the time to really amp up your skin care regimen. Why you ask? Well our southwestern sun, which gives off the most amazing sunsets, is not nearly as harsh as we go into fall and winter. This makes for the premium time to enter into a series of resurfacing treatments (chemical peels) stimulating collagen, elasticity, & cell renewal. A series of 6 treatments is ideal for optimal results, & reversal of damage from free radicals.

These treatments are like my facials completely customizable, for both women & men, to fit your needs and wants. Safely working you to higher treatment levels, more aggressive resurfacing, and enhancements. Most of our chemical peels are aloe based, synergistically designed that there is no down time, and minimal peeling.

As with any facial treatment you would still avoid sun exposure, especially the 7 days after your treatment, follow the at home regimen that is included with your treatment for post care, and wear spf religiously. The day of your treatment you’d want to avoid sweating, steam, and exercise. Being careful not to re-stimulate the active ingredients in your peel.

Don’t hesitate if your looking in the mirror, and see fine lines that weren’t there before, acne that hormonal changes have escalated, or your missing that fresh glow. You don’t have to settle, changes are visible after even just one treatment!

Call (505)292-5905 today and schedule your complimentary skin consultation with our Licensed Esthetician Sandra!


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Albuquerque Esthetician

Skincare in Albuquerque has become so important due to our high elevation, and the damage that comes with being as close as we are to the sun.  If not taken care of our skin is dry, sun damaged, prematurely aged, and so much more.  With the addition of our Esthetician, we are so happy to be the destination for clients looking for healthier, more youthful skin!

If your a current client then you already know our Esthetician. Sandra joined NeilMarie Salon to manage and assist in running the business side, and was introduced to the world of skincare and all it’s endless possibilities. Never before was she aware of esthetics, and the more Sandra was exposed to it the more her passion grew. Deciding to go back to school and get her Estheticians license was the most fulfilling career decision, she not only fueled her love for skin, her knowledge for skincare products and services, but also added a joy of waxing and body hair removal!
Sandra wants to be your esthetician of choice and take on acne issues, sun damage, premature aging, fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, & skin sensitivities such as Rosacea. Also if you have unwanted hair, she is skilled in waxing everything from Brazilians, Backs, & the detailed Shaping of eyebrows to frame your eyes and complement your face shape. She takes pride in her work, her attention to detail is much appreciated by her clientele. Sandra enjoys helping both women & men, no matter their age, feel amazing, comfortable, & confident in their skin.
If your looking to book an appointment, or just want to have a chat about your skin, you can call (505)292-5905. Skin consultations are always free, and easy to schedule.  For even more information you can follow her work on Instagram @esthetics_by_sandra

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Summer Ready Skin

Get Your Skin Summer Ready!

If you’re anything like me then you’re getting anxious for the summer months. You’re seeing the Sun come out, the Blue skies, and the weather is finally warming up. And that puts a smile on your face, but at the same time you know you have to get your skin prepped for the upcoming sleeveless tops and shorts.


Here are a few helpful tips and remedies for the most common of skin ailments:


Dull, Scaly Skin

You’ll get this because you neglected to moisturize & exfoliate during the harsh cold, & dry winter

Use a Sugar Scrub at least 3 times a week to exfoliate your skin, then moisturize with a lotion or cream to fully hydrate your dry skin


Rough, Cracked Feet & Heels

We get this by enclosing our feet in socks and boots all winter long, as well as, skipping on our regular pedicures. Basically out of sight out of mind…Guilty

Treat your feet at night to a soak in Epsom Salt for 10mins, follow with rubbing them with a scrub, and finish by lathering on a thick hydrating cream & covering with socks while you sleep


Chest & Back Breakouts

This will happen when we are bundled up in layers of clothes, which will trap dead skin & bacteria causing blockage which results in pimples

Use a Body Wash with salicylic acid or benzyl peroxide; this will break away at the blockage to the pores allowing the skin to clear up


Rough Red Bumps on Arms or Thighs

It’s a Genetic Condition where dead cells & protein build up around the hair follicle which clogs pores

Use Body Wash or Lotion that contains glycolic or lactic acid to help exfoliate those areas


Body Hair

There are many options for hair removal; my recommendation would be to get professionally waxed in the areas that you would like to see the hair gone. Waxing removes hair from the root which allows for more hair free weeks, & it also decreases hair growth over time.


Enlist these few helpful tips, and the beautiful weather won’t be the only thing putting a smile on your face!