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How to find the right salon

What are the keys to finding a top hair salon?

Today you can find a salon on just about every street and in every strip mall out there. So with so many salons to choose from how do make sure you are choosing the right one (especially after moving to a new area)? In most cases finding a good hair salon or hair stylist can sometimes prove to be tougher than finding a new dentist or doctor. Here are some qualities to look for when searching for that new salon.

  • Customer Service- When you walk in the door is there someone at the reception desk or up front to welcome or greet you in a warm and friendly demeanor? Are they knowledgeable in providing you information about their salon menu, staff and professional hair care products that they carry? Were you offered a tour of the facility and a complimentary consultation with a professional hair stylist or colorist? If the answers to all or most of these questions is yes then chances are you are in a reputable salon and this is a great start to finding the right salon.
  • Cleanliness- Overall does the salon feel clean? Yes its a salon the floors will have some hair on it and this is ok but what you need to look out for is clumps of hair in the corners or all over the hair stylists station and chair. These areas should always look clean and tidy. If they are not you should probably choose a different salon.
  • Pricing- Nobody wants to overpay for a service. Call around to a few salon in your surrounding area and ask them for some basic prices on some services you are looking for. Be aware high prices don’t necessarily mean high quality. Many salons inflate their rates to create the look of prestige. While a great deal is always tempting stay clear of salons that have prices too low to pass up on. Chances are they a compensating for their lack of either skill or quality of services.

Choose salons with prices that are reasonable and something that falls within your budget, be sure to account for your hair stylists 10-15% tip ( and in case you were wondering  it is common to tip your stylist if you’re happy with your hair cut or hair color.)

  • Salon services offered- Does the salon offer hair extensions, straightening  and scalp treatments or any other high end professional salon services? If yes, then chances are they are well educated and up to date with the latest trends, tools and technologies in the industry. If the salon also offers manicures, pedicures and skin care services then this is a plus. Just make sure that it is clear that hair care services are their main focus.

Be sure to follow these simple steps when looking for your next salon and you will be sure to find the right one.

Rio Rancho Hair Salon

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How to wear Long Hair during Spring

Long Hair Girls…SPRING IS HERE!!!

Spring means fresh and sunny, here at Neilmarie Salon we want our guests to feel the freshness that spring brings. When you have long hair that you want to maintain through spring and summer, you can constantly find yourself considering a short haircut, or simply just a way to get the long hair off you neck and back.

You still have plenty of options. If you feel like you have worn your style curled or straight and have become bored with it, or tried a pony tail, and still nothing really has satisfied your look, do not give up you still have plenty of options.

Messy buns and messy braids are in style for spring 2014!!! You can create a messy bun that sits high, mid, or low on your head. When creating your messy bun or braid, you will have hairs that will be falling out or not in place. The falling out hairs is perfect for your style. Letting your bun look messy, lets your style look better. Any style that is sprayed down or very in place is NOT the trend for spring 2014.

Once you have created your messy bun, you can pull hair out from the hair line. That is a good way to create a messy front style in the face area. At that time you can use a curling iron to create a soft wave style. Not many tools are needed to create this style. Hair pins, hair tie, and a light hairspray.

Keep in mind, if you have long hair you still have options. Come into Neilmarie Salon and get spring ready. We can help you create a messy bun for an everyday look, or a special event. You don’t have to remove length to create a short summer look.